Will & Owen Cooper

Comedy writers


Will & Owen Cooper are writers from Leeds.

They've been working as a writing team for over 5 years and have written for loads of mint shows, including Mock the Week and the BAFTA award winning CBBC show, the Dog Ate my Homework.

They won BBC Three's 'Funny on Three' competition and were commissioned to write a sitcom script, while working with a producer (back when BBC Three was was a proper telly channel).

More recently, Owen was a finalist in the 2019 David Nobbs Memorial Trust comedy competition, while Will was making this nice little website.


  • Scottish BAFTA - Best Children's show - The Dog ate my Homework
  • BBC Funny on Three - Winners
  • The David Nobbs Memorial Trust - 2019 Finalist
  • Scottish Comedy Awards 2018 - Best Radio Show - Breaking the News