Will & Owen Cooper

Comedy writers


Will & Owen Cooper are writers from Leeds.

They've been working as a writing team for over 5 years and have written for loads of mint shows, including Mock the Week and the BAFTA award winning CBBC show, The Dog Ate my Homework.

They won BBC Three's 'Funny on Three' competition and were commissioned to write a sitcom script, while working with a producer (back when BBC Three was a proper telly channel).

More recently, Owen was a finalist in the 2019 David Nobbs Memorial Trust comedy competition, while Will was making this nice little website.



Mock the Week


Series 10-13

The Dog Ate My Homework


Series 2

Breaking the News

BBC 2 Scotland

Series 1

Diddy TV


Series 3

Hyper Mouse

Made TV

Series 1

Go 8 Bit DLC


Series 1

Owen appears in a few sketches

We contributed a couple of jokes to the series.


Tom Deacon's Road Trip

BBC Radio 1

Series 1

Dave Gorman's Pub Olympics

BBC Radio 4

Series 1

Breaking the News

BBC Radio Scotland

Series 09-16

The Show What You Wrote

BBC Radio 4

Series 1

The Guessing Game

BBC Radio Scotland

Series 2


BBC Radio 4 Extra

Series 10-15

Jesting About

BBC Radio Newcastle

Series 1


BBC Radio Leeds

3 Episodes

Listen to our short stories:

Olive & the Beast

Top of the Tree

The Emma Show

Damn the Torpedoes

BFBS Radio

1 Episode

Comedy Cafe

BBC Radio Scotland

1 Episode


Celebrity Juice


Owen was a writer's assitant for 2 episodes

Take the Wheel

The Twilight Hour

Will wrote a play that was performed as part of a longer show.

The show had a sold out run at the Etcetera and Canal Cafe theatres

Pop Sludge

4 Music

Owen was an actor in this sketch show

Watch him being good at acting (link opens in a new tab).

Alan Cochrane's Fun House

BBC Radio 4

Will contributed a lovely joke to an episode

The Art of the Meme

BBC Four

What do Owen and Richard Dawkins have in common?

They were both on screen contributors to this documentary and they both secretly believe in God.


  • Scottish BAFTA - Best Children's show - The Dog ate my Homework
  • BBC Funny on Three - Winners
  • The David Nobbs Memorial Trust - 2019 Finalist
  • Scottish Comedy Awards 2018 - Best Radio Show - Breaking the News